Celtic FC has had a busy week filled with various updates and news. Here are the key highlights:

Celtic FC has had a busy week filled with various updates and news. Here are the key highlights:
  1. ribute to John Keane: Former Celtic Director John Keane, a pivotal figure in the club’s history, was laid to rest. His contributions to Celtic have been widely acknowledged, and he is remembered fondly by fans and the club alike​ (Celtic FC)​​ (Celticnewsnow)​.
  2. Transfer and Signing Updates: Celtic is actively involved in the transfer market, with notable interest in several players. The club is pursuing Paulo Bernardo https://nhbulletin.us/, while rumors circulate around the potential acquisition of a £3.4m rated midfielder from BK Häcken. Additionally, there has been speculation regarding the return of former player Kieran Tierney, although it appears unlikely at this stage​ (Celticnewsnow)​​ (Celts Are Here)​.
  3. Season Ticket Sales: The club announced that season tickets for the 2024/25 season have sold out, reflecting strong support from the fanbase as the team prepares to defend its title. The new season will kick off with a home game against Kilmarnock​ (Celtic FC)​​ (Celticnewsnow)​.
  4. Women’s Team Development: Celtic is investing in its women’s football facilities, despite some controversy among fans. The club aims to support and develop women’s football, aligning with broader efforts to promote the sport within the organization​ (Celts Are Here).
  5. Managerial and Team Preparations: Interim manager John Kennedy has expressed confidence in the team’s readiness for the new season. With key players staying and new talent potentially joining, the club is focused on maintaining its competitive edge both domestically and in European competitions​ (Celtic FC)​​ (Celticnewsnow)​.

These developments underscore Celtic’s commitment to strengthening its squad and supporting its community, ensuring a robust presence in the upcoming season. For more detailed updates, you can visit the official Celtic FC website and other related news outlets.