How Community Engagement Can Help Build Your Salon Business

How Community Engagement Can Help Build Your Salon Business

If you’re hoping to grow your business, have you ever thought of turning to your local community as a way to get people through your doors? Not only can building your business through your local community be a quick way for you to expand, but it can also be a great way to build lasting connections and make a difference. What’s more, you may be able to recruit and retain stylists by offering opportunities to engage with the local community and charities. Studies show that Millennials praise corporate social responsibility efforts and are more inclined to work for companies that do good for their community.

Whether you have a tight-knit relationship with local charities or organizations, here are some ways that leveraging your local community can help your business.

Giving Back and Making a Return

Whether you are extremely involved in your local community or you’re constantly looking for more ways to get to know the neighborhood, participating in local community events or offering your services to charities and other organizations that may need them can help you build a reputation for your business and potentially expose you to new clients. If the community sees you at local events often and they see how much time and effort you put into giving back, you will always be top-of-mind. At the end of the day, that means more customers and clients for you.

Brand Publicity

Do you have an opportunity to sponsor a community baseball team or a local cosmetology school? Take it! Not only will this boost your brand awareness, but it could be a fun way to get involved with your community. Take every opportunity to put your salon’s logo on any jersey, banner or plaque to further cement your place in the community. Obviously, any chance you get to create brand awareness is a win for your business!

Workforce Development

A critical component that keeps your business running is the stylists who work for you. Without your stylists and estheticians, your business wouldn’t be able to operate. And let’s face it, the clients come to your salon because they’ve built trust and credibility with your stylists. So it’s safe to say that you should always be looking to curate, retain and recruit talented stylists that mesh well with your brand and create incredible work. But where does the local community come in? Well, there are many opportunities to partner with local schools or cosmetology academies to educate students and get them involved in your salon while they’re still in school. This really helps professors and instructors in developing academia, and it also helps you foster the next group of talent for your salon. You can work with local schools by supplying them with salon equipment to train with and, in turn, you’ll build a reputation for yourself among the next generation of skilled stylists.


Becoming a Change maker

Are there issues or initiatives within your community that need to be championed? Sponsor or stand by initiatives that you feel impacted by or ones that could bring positive change to your city. When initiatives have the backing and support of local businesses, they are much more likely to be heard or seen. So, use your business’s power and reputation to do good for your community and everyone will see just how influential and important your business is to the neighborhood.


Boosting Employee Morale

By partnering with local charities and organizations, you will be helping your employees feel like they are part of a bigger picture. Whether you offer free makeovers or help with a community event, you and your stylists will get to be a part of something much bigger. As we mentioned above, the next generation of talent believes in companies using their power and time to influence change and make a difference.

Liven Up Your Salon with Local Art

Every salon needs its own aesthetic and vibe. If you’re wanting to enhance the look and feel of your business in a way that positively engages and impacts your community, hire local artists and interior designers to outfit your space with art and thoughtful touches. Whether you work with a local printing store to secure pricing sheets or informative fliers for your retail displays or commission an artist to create works of art that accent your salon stations, your salon will be a reflection of your community. Not only are you empowering your local artisans, but you’re also turning your salon into a destination for local art and a vibe like no other salon on the block.

Shopping Local Boosts Your Stock, Too

Whether you’re treating new suppliers to lunch or catering a dinner for a stylist appreciation party, order local to create long-lasting relationships with vendors in your neighborhood. Not only will your loyalty to mom and pop shops benefit your community, but you will also make a name for yourself and your business. Ordering from local stores enriches and empowers the neighborhood and community that you are also a part of, which boosts your business, too. Focus on cool, unique local wares — candles, hand cream, jewelry, etc. — to entice shoppers.

Are you ready to get your neighborhood, community or city engaged with your business? There are so many reasons to become a visible and proud member of the community — beyond just business. So what are you waiting for? If you’re not sure where to start, say hi to your neighbors and see if they know of any events you can attend or ways you can help out. Also, you can always turn to your stylists for insight on what they care about and how they think your salon can make an impact. When you uplift someone else, you elevate yourself!