How To Use Short Video Clips To Leverage Your Brand

People are simply in love with videos! Experts believe that the industry for video marketing will reach around $50 billion by the year 2022. And all thanks to the brand new developments taking place in the category of short-form video techniques and tools, video marketing manages to remain fresh and even grows continuously and consistently.

Businesses and marketers are hugely contributing to this new trend of using short-form video clips for leveraging their brand with their very own funny, collage, and tutorial video content. They are using such video clips for informing, educating, and promoting their products and services.

To be more specific, short-form visuals are packing the most relevant content and are highly beneficial for marketers considering that viewers these days have a very short attention span.

Short-form video clips thus represent some of the best instances of content marketing- specific, brief, digestible, and truly compelling!

Short-Form Videos or Video Clips: What are They?

Short video clips are videos that last only for a few minutes and even less than that. Social media channels and marketers find that despite the fact that long videos are growing in popularity and are here to stay, the customers are deliberately on the lookout for grabbing brand information through short-form video clips.

With the attention span of the viewers getting shortened every day, videos more than 10minutes in length are dropping in viewership. 5 minutes and even less is considered the sweet spot here.

Short video clips have higher chances of the viewers being inclined towards watching them right till the end. Of course, TikTok is the leading and the latest full-scale social media channel completely built on short video clips.

However, users even can create compelling videos not more than 30 seconds in length on the majority of the other leading platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Now let’s have a look at the different short-form video clips that businesses can use for leveraging their brands:

Informational and Educational Pieces

Are you completely confused about where to start with making short video clips?

Then informational or educational pieces come as one of the greatest places to make a foray into this medium.

Such pieces can include shots showing the viewers different ways of styling a garment, doing a makeup tutorial, or give away the top tips on traveling to specific destinations. You can create short videos on anything that your brand deals in and make people excited about the products and services you are providing.

Being helpful to the audiences in their regular lives through short videos and helping them with their decision-making procedure will definitely give you an edge over your competitors. If there’s a person who cannot decide on the product he or she should go for, which brand do you think the person will choose?

Is it the brand with a very simple product and services page or the one featuring fun and informative explainer video? Informational content always helps in building brand loyalty and trust. This is because the businesses offer solutions to the problems people face, and these people might not even be the business’s clients.

Connect with the Pain Points of the Customers through Short Instagram Stories

As a business, you can make effective use of Instagram Stories for connecting with the goals and the pain points of your prospective customers. The key here is quickly showing how your product or service can solve the industry-specific issue of your customers.

Remember to show the followers all the major advantages of becoming your customer. Once you successfully do so, there are higher chances of the followers visiting your site and making a purchase.

Go For Review and Testimonial Videos

Customer review and testimonial videos in short form allow the customers to see both before and after a product. In addition to this, there are real-life stories and narrations that can play an important role in creating a positive and emotional response from the audience.

These videos highlight the products and services of a brand to the live customers. The customers can be brand ambassadors, influencers, or knowledgeable consumers who love the brand.

If done well, customer reviews and testimonial videos come as great examples of original content. The messages conveyed through these videos are considered more objective. Most importantly, since these videos come in brief informative bits, it is easier for the customers to watch them and even digest the presented matter.

Come Up With a Challenge

It works to make short video clips for fun and viral challenges. This especially works on TikTok, the platform that is known for its short 30-second entertaining visuals. So, you can also try starting one on the platform to gain some recognition for your brand.

Video challenges are engaging and fun ways of transforming a brand over to the fans and even reaching new groups of individuals simply by inviting them to take part in the presented challenge.

What’s even better about challenges is that they generate good UGC that the brands can repurpose and use on their own channels. To create the best of video challenges, you can take the help of any suitable online video clip maker. This will help you create interesting and exclusive challenges in a matter of a few seconds.

Why Not Make the Best Use of FAQs?

FAQs are videos addressing the common questions of the customers. Specifically enough, these videos can be placed throughout a website easily and can even be shared on social media channels.

In addition to this, you even have the option of adding necessary metadata to FAQ videos to increase your site’s ranking on the different search engine pages.

The Bottom Line

Including short video clips in your content marketing plan can help you widen your audience and engage better with the ones who are already following your brand on social media sites.

And yes, it is great fun to create short-form videos as you have the creative freedom to do anything in these videos. But make sure they are relevant and well-crafted to grab the attention of the users.