Is Agriculture Important in the Modern World?

Is Agriculture Important in the Modern World?

For the majority of us, we associate agriculture with our past. We imagine past generations farming and living off the land, and may not make any connections between agriculture and the modern world. Farming and the agricultural industry is still, however, hugely important. This is especially true for developing or undeveloped countries. So, this being the case, is agriculture important? Today we are going to delve into the world of modern agriculture to ask if it still has value in modern society.

How is Agriculture Important?

At the start of this article we proposed the question: ‘’Is agriculture important in the modern world?’’. We would argue that agriculture is now, possibly more than ever, hugely important. As our population grows, so does our reliance on agriculture to provide food and a source of income. Farming is not just something that died with our ancestors: it has a place in the modern world. Continue below where we outline why, exactly, the agricultural industry is so important.

Provides a Source of Livelihood

Did you know that 45% of the world population relies on agriculture for its livelihood? As you can see, an astonishingly high number of people are reliant on a particular area of the agricultural industry for their income. In developed countries, this is lessened. Still, farming in developed countries is hugely important and makes great contributions to the economy. In developing countries, farming is still the primary source of income for a huge amount of the population (between 50-90%). Without farming, a great number of people would be left without the means to support themselves and feed their families. In modern society, agriculture still has a great deal of value.

Contribution to the Transport Industry

The existence of agriculture makes a significant contribution to every country’s economy, and props up a variety of sectors. One sector that benefits hugely from agriculture is transport. Farmers are heavily reliant on agricultural vehicles and machinery. In turn, the demand, and ultimately supply, for said vehicles is increased. Additionally, agricultural products are regularly transported to factories via rail networks and roadways. Not only this, but in a modern society where we are all connected, agricultural products can easily and efficiently be transported from country to country.

Contribution to National Revenue

The agricultural industry makes a huge contribution to a country’s national economy and revenue also. If you consider the revenue generated from people buying agricultural products, you will begin to understand the importance of farming. Agricultural products, taxes paid by the agricultural sector and tourism all provide valuable contributions to a country’s economy. As previously mentioned, this will be significantly higher in developing countries than already developed countries. Still, countries around the world stand to gain a great deal from contributions made by the agricultural sector.

Food/ Population Security

A country with a thriving agricultural sector ensures the population are fed and facilitates economic growth. Food shortages and a lack of food security is, historically and currently, one of the biggest problems facing developing countries. The existence of agriculture and modern farming therefore guarantees food security, and provides a large percentage of the population with an income. The importance of food security cannot be underestimated too. A population that is fed is one that is better equipped to fight off diseases and illnesses. Population wide food shortages can lead to a wealth of problems.

Contribution to International Trade

When you begin looking, the products that are provided by the agricultural industry are endless. We often take for granted the products available to us, and rarely stop to think where they come from or how they are made. Items like sugar, tea, rice, spices, tobacco, coffee, fruits and vegetables are all provided to us by farming. Even clothing requires products (cotton) that are provided by the agricultural industry. You can even delve deeper. The agricultural industry itself relies on products, machinery, vehicles and other sectors to operate. When you consider all of this on a grander scale, the contribution to international trade is huge. Without the existence of agriculture, entire industries would collapse and countries around the world would experience economic turmoil.

Creates Fantastic Employment Opportunities

We have touched on this point in the previous paragraph, and highlighted how farming provides a stable and often lucrative livelihood for the vast majority of us. Going further, agriculture creates employment opportunities that are inherently valuable and exciting. The agricultural sector is huge, and jobs are required for all areas of it.

Farming jobs are of course created, but the agricultural sector also relies on the healthcare industry, construction and industrial industries as well as marketing. In fact, it is difficult to find an industry that is not, in some way, linked to the agricultural industry. An abundance of jobs are created therefore with the existence of modern farmers and farms. The team at Kit Buildings Direct are a good example of this. They supply high quality, bespoke steel framed structures for the agricultural industry. Their livestock buildings are well respected in the industry, and provide a stable structure for a great deal of farmers looking to securely house livestock and cattle.