Look out for these six successful home builders in the St. George region.

Look out for these six successful home builders in the St. George region.

A home is a peaceful place for everyone. When people want to construct their homes, they want to do it perfectly. When you struggle to find good home builders, you must discover St. George, Utah, home builders to fulfill your dream of the perfect home. 

Salisbury Homes

Salisbury Homes is the Best Home Builder in St. George, Utah, offering its customers the highest quality new home construction. Founded in 1989 after selling his masonry business and taking out a second mortgage on his home, Rick Salisbury bought nine building lots in Spanish Fork, Utah, and founded Salisbury Homes. The Salisbury community still prides itself on providing high-quality new homes that are full of charm and personality. Look no further if you’re looking for a brand new home in Utah and a team of professionals to guide you along the way! From the meticulous attention to detail during the structure of your new home to the comprehensive warranty coverage, Salisbury Homes has got your back. 

At Salisbury Homes, you will love the new homes as it is surrounded by the beautiful, peaceful community that the company facilitates across the St. George community. The surrounding area is breathtakingly beautiful with stunning views, and Downtown St. George is growing and offers something for everyone. Choosing a trusted team of Utah realtors and builders is a big step forward. If you are looking for a trusted team of Utah realtors and builders, look no further! We provide service because we care!


Trazzco provides beautiful, solid spaces to live that mesmerize potential customers to buy homes. Detailed descriptions of all tasks involved in each project are provided to each client beforehand. Before any home is built, it must comply with building codes and obtain all permits for which the client is responsible. Trazzco understands how serious this is for homeowners, so Trazzco prioritizes client satisfaction in every home we build. 

Sullivan homes

At Sullivan Homes, you are buying more than a home. It’s a personalized, custom home-building experience. Sullivan Homes employees are 100% dedicated to providing you with a quality home while maintaining a fun and flexible work environment. Sullivan Homes are committed to listening to your needs and completing your home-building project in a teamwork approach. The company makes sure to know the customers need all the necessities in their homes as included amenities rather than costly upgrades. Henitpany strives to have all those essentials as standard features. Features and finishes included in Sullivan Homes will make your home feel “Just Right” when it comes to functionality, style, quality construction, and affordability. Sullivan homes are the best home builder st George ut for your dream house.

In addition to building custom homes, Sullivan Homes has been doing so for over 14 years. We place a high priority on quality construction, so no matter if your home costs a million dollars or $200,000. 

Whether you are a native of Utah or have never lived in the area before, the company will help you consider all your options when choosing the right community, home plan, and finishes. Your vision will become a reality when you work with the Sullivan Homes team!

MG Homes, LLC

Everything is driven by the client’s wishes, from selecting the finest materials to the meticulous planning and craftsmanship that defines MG Homes’s custom homes. The home MG homes build for each of the clients is a reflection of the relationship. We strive to achieve our clients’ vision while balancing form and function with timeless exterior and interior designs. MG Homes are good home builders st George ut which reflects the customer’s and company’s relationship.

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To ensure open communication and transparency during your project, the company relies on software that provides access to the construction schedule, design choices, budget, progress photos, and integrated communication between all project stakeholders. 

What you have to say about your experience with MG Homes throughout building your new home is what matters to them. The company MG Homes makes stunning custom homes of exceptional quality with exceptional customer service. 

Radiant Blue Homes

If you are looking for home builders who will customize your homes then Radiant Blue Homes are the perfect option for you. They are the general contractor serving all of southern Utah. In addition to building thermal mass, high energy-efficient homes, Radiant Blue Homes builds off-grid homes for the clients. A Radiant Blue home looks just like any other house around, but without high energy costs. Radiant Blue has all the tools to build the home of your dreams that keeps more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Cedar Pointe Homes

As soon as you’re home, you’ll sleep well, and so will everyone at Cedar Pointe Homes. They call it “peace of mind” construction, and that applies to both products and processes. The company thinks the methods matter just as much as the products themselves. You will be amazed at the work Cedar Pointe Homes has done. Each home has been planned to meet every creature’s comfort, and then it is customized to meet your requirements. When you view the earlier work of Cedar Pointe Homes, you will notice that they have done many things differently. Get the best with Cedar Pointe Homes. They are one of the leading Home Builders in St. George, Utah.

Examine the finished work, cabinetry, light fixtures, and tile work; step inside and inspect everything. Then, visit the company’s three main St. George communities to view all the different plans. It is better to discuss if you have a lot of ideas of your own, or even house plans you’ve drawn.