Manjy Sidoo Helped Provide Meals to Veterans This Last Christmas

Manjy Sidoo Helped Provide Meals to Veterans This Last Christmas

Throughout this article, we look at how Manjy and her family serve their community. Manjy Sidoo and her family have spent the last few years working with Whole Way House to provide meals for veterans during Christmas. During the 2021 holiday season, they returned to the Vancouver-based charity to provide a helping hand. The residents need help with various things, and something as simple as Christmas meals can make a big difference.

The goal of Whole Way House has always been to improve the quality of life for veterans in the area. They try to make their day-to-day lives as worry-free as possible, which means receiving help from many generous people in the community along the way. When COVID-19 first started, that made everything much more challenging.

Due to COVID-19 outbreaks, the organization started putting together meals with the community’s help. The entire Sidoo family helped with that, having a history of assisting during Christmas time.

During the last couple of years, the biggest challenge has been reaching those who rely the most on the help they receive at Veteran’s Manor. At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a massive limit on personal contact. Even today, specific steps must happen to get meals delivered safely at the Whole Way House. Since the setup is much more than just providing meals, getting people out and moving around is also a challenge because of all the restrictions.

Manjy Sidoo, her husband David, and their two sons Dylan and Jordan have recently spent a great deal of time giving back due to the difficulties many are forced to face. David and Manjy don’t stop providing just Christmas meals to the residents; they have also helped deliver essentials such as clothing and hygiene products. Many donations come in during the holiday season, but there are needs at the Whole Way House throughout the year.

Sometimes, it’s a matter of simply providing a bit of interaction for those at the Whole Way House. The pandemic has been the most isolated time in recent history for elders. Some have gone months or even years without seeing family and friends due to the pandemic.

With the holiday season over, the Manjy Sidoo and her husband David hope others will still help the Whole Way House and keep it running like it has for the last few decades.

Founded in the 1970s as Avalon Hotel, it became the Whole Way House in 2013. They help veterans dealing with many issues, ranging from drug addiction to mental health issues. Having a safe place to receive help and stay connected has prolonged many lives. The setup and concept are simple, but the care of the professional staff and volunteers makes a huge difference.

Helping Beyond the Homeless

Helping out the homeless is certainly a passion for Manjy Sidoo and her husband David, but It’s not the only way David, Manjy, and their sons Jordan and Dylan help out. They have their hands in many different charities and organizations to impact lives from all walks of life.

The younger generation is always a primary focus for Manjy Sidoo and her family. They have contributed to the Kids Play Foundation, The Grade School Breakfast club and the World Vision Project Rise Up Daughters of India’s village schools, and more.

David and Manjy offer, through the  Sidoo Family Giving, scholarships to recipients who stand out as an outstanding student-athlete year after year. These scholarships help young student-athletes when they start receiving letters from admissions saying they landed a spot at their dream school and can help fund their admission to that college.

Most of their charitable efforts go towards the place they call home. The Greater Vancouver Area has many worthy charities that help out in various ways. With that being said, they are not shy to contribute elsewhere when they feel it’s necessary. It’s all a matter of opportunity.

Much like with the homeless, the children helped by the Sidoo Family Giving charity are those who need it most. They might not have the resources to go out there and take part in activities as a youngster. Finding that niche, whether in sports, the arts, or anything for that matter, can make a massive difference between success and failure. Many children fall into the wrong crowd simply because they have no support to engage in other activities outside school.

For more information on all that Whole Way House provides for veterans in the Greater Vancouver Area, visit their website at To learn more about what Manjy Sidoo, David, and the entire Sidoo family are doing with charitable organizations, visit their official website at They are constantly posting new updates to allow people to catch an inside look at what they are doing to help out the community.