Organizational Tips for Stressed High School Students

 OrganizTips for Stressed High School Students ational

High school is an exciting time for so many adolescents, but it’s not always the fun and games you see in those classic high school movies. Balancing classes, college prep, a social life, and more can be incredibly stressful at times. Not only are you trying to learn your coursework, but you’re also trying to keep up with a million different things. It can easily feel like you’re falling behind or there are too many things to juggle all at once. This is where organization can be a vital part of your routine.

To find the most success in high school, it’s time to take advantage of different organizational skills and tactics. From simple things like carrying different bags or binders to planning out your schedule in effective ways, you can lower your stress by staying on top of things. This will be especially important as you get closer to senior year and start thinking about college applications. Here are a few simple tips to stay organized in high school.

Keep Different Bags for Everything.

Between school, extracurriculars, and your social engagements, you’ve got a lot of different places to be. You need durable totes, backpacks, and handbags ready to go with you anywhere. It may even help you to keep different bags ready to go for different activities. Have fun making personalized tote bags that can even label where everything is going. Get a canvas tote with pictures of you in a tutu specifically for the shoes you take to dance class or design a reusable bag with a motivational quote for when you have to go to debate team practice. The possibilities are endless for you to monogram, accessorize, and customize your tote bags so you have exactly what you need in different bag styles for every activity.

Organize your Classes With Different School Supplies.

How to Prepare Today's Already-Stressed High Schoolers for College Without Burning Them Out - The Atlantic

Once you have your canvas tote bags all set up, you can also enjoy other organizational tactics with your school supplies. Something as simple as keeping certain subjects in certain colored folders or binders will help you know you have everything exactly where you need it. This will help you get your head in the game in class rather than worrying if you have everything.

Always keep college prep in mind.

If you plan to pursue higher education after high school, you’ll want to keep that in mind throughout your four years. When you keep college prep in mind, you’re setting yourself up for success. Get started with classes that will look good on a resume and be looking for SAT prep courses. You can even search for scholarships for high school juniors to get started even earlier. All high school students can thrive in college when they start planning and organizing early.

Balance your Extracurriculars and Course Load.

Life is all about balance, and so is high school. You want to load your resume with great courses and awesome extracurriculars. Just make sure you’re staying organized and prioritizing what is most important at the moment. You don’t want to fail out of a class because of an outside club. Just be strict with your time and make sure you set boundaries that you can stick to for a better work-life balance.

Establish a Routine Whenever Possible.

Routines are essential when you’re trying to stay organized. The better you can stick to a schedule, the more successful your high school experience will be. Obviously, you have school during the day and will typically have practices, meetings, and rehearsals at set times throughout the week. Beyond that, plan your social time and try to stick to a sleep schedule. This will help you stay organized and avoid burnout.





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