Penis Envy Mushrooms: Are They Worth the Envy?

Penis Envy Mushrooms: Are They Worth the Envy?

The spotlight is now on Psilocybin mushrooms for many reasons. Microdosing is currently a hot topic in the health and wellness community, especially for those looking for alternative healing. The future is also starting to look better as decriminalization efforts gain traction in many countries across the world.

Mushrooms, similar to cannabis strains, are known for their varied and complex genetics with distinct characteristics. But one strain that has been gaining the attention of shroom enthusiasts is none other than the Penis Envy mushrooms. Aside from its intriguing name, there are more exciting things and facts to know about this type of fungi.

What are Penis Envy Mushrooms?

Penis Envy is one strain of the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom species. These shrooms are known for their unique potency and the fair amount of psilocybin content. Psilocybin is the psychoactive compound found in magic mushrooms.

The Penis Envy mushroom is called as such because of its appearance which resembles a phallus. It has a bulbous head and a wrinkly thick shaft that looks like a circumcised human penis. Penis Envy mushrooms are bigger compared to psilocybin mushrooms, which strikes envy in the world of fungi.

Growth and Cultivation of Penis Envy Mushrooms

Unfortunately, Penis Envy mushrooms are infamous for being difficult to grow. These shrooms often grow wild in tropical hot climates. The species love humidity with the tendency to grow in a substrate such as cow dung. It is because cattle eat grasses that contain spores that continue with the fermentation process even after digestion and defecation.

The Psychedelic Quality of Penis Envy Mushrooms

Penis envy mushrooms? Effects, benefits, risks, & history

Penis Envy mushrooms are known for their psychedelic quality. These mushrooms put out some exceptional psychedelic experiences. Unlike other psilocybin mushroom strains, Penis Envy has twice or thrice more potency on average.

You may experience some sensations such as a distorted sense of reality, potential hallucinations, or mild euphoria, depending on the specific dose. Psilocybin mushrooms also vary a lot depending on the way they were grown but mainly based on the amount you consume.

Penis Envy Mushroom Varieties

It’s not easy to identify the genetics of psilocybin mushrooms. Research is often tricky and challenging because of its illegal status. But the varieties of the Penis Envy shrooms are most remarkably distinguished thanks to their physical qualities and features.

1. Albino Penis Envy

Albino Penis Envy is known for its milky white stem and often boasts a deep blue cap.

2. Penis Envy Uncut

Penis Envy Uncut is aptly named because its cap adheres to the stem. This is an Albino cross and is known for being the most potent out of all Penis Envy shrooms.

3. Trans Envy

Trans Envy mushrooms are a Penis Envy hybrid crossed with the South African Transkei strain. The variety has slim stems and a milder effect because of the reduced potency.

There are still other varieties such as the Penis Envy #6 and the Albino Penis Envy Revert that share the same characteristics and qualities with somewhat altered effects. Experts also believe that there are still many undiscovered varieties of Penis Envy mushrooms.