Return Management Facility

Return Management Facility

Up to 70% of Amazon customer returns can be safely returned to your inventory for reselling. Of course, only after a thorough inspection by a member of our team. Allow us to receive your returns, check them, and return them to your inventory for resale.

Concerning Returns

You understand the importance of your returns solution, so why are your Amazon returns management processes being overlooked? We have experienced reverse logistics specialists strategically positioned across the United States to assist you. Our specialist solutions enable bespoke responses for your returns procedure, as well as extensive insight into aftermarket sales channels and the formation of effective disposition processes. In addition, our experts can assist you in implementing a complete return management solution that connects with your existing systems. With Direct Fulfillment Group LLC, you won’t have to worry about returns.

International Store

Amazon allows merchants access to a global market through the convenience of an online store, but managing returns and logistical processes can be challenging when the merchant does not operate in the country in question. This is particularly inconvenient for non-US sellers who want to tap into the millions of individuals who shop on Amazon in the United States.

Because Amazon places such a high priority on customer satisfaction, merchants must have systems in place to handle all returns in the United States. As a result, international retailers who sell their merchandise in the United States must maintain a base in the United States where disgruntled customers can ship their returned items. Alternatively, sellers must be willing to cover the cost of the items’ return overseas delivery. Of course, supplying high-quality products and excellent customer service will assist an international company to reduce the number of returns required. When selling to a country with as many clients as America, even the top sellers will have to deal with returns at some point. And, for these companies, having a local return address in the United States is the greatest method to provide their clients with quick and reasonable returns services.

Provide Services in Need

That’s where we can help. We provide overseas merchants with a dedicated address in the United States to ensure that American customers may return unwanted items at a reasonable cost and with confidence. To ensure that our records are unrivalled, we make sure that each item is scanned and tracked into the inventory; we maintain track of the product’s tracking number, weights, and dimensions, to name a few of the records we store.