9 Places to Look For a Image Gallery

9 Places to Look For a WordPress Image Gallery

Are you seeking the ideal  gallery plugin to enable you to establish a picture collection on your webpage?

You may utilize developed customization to elevate your website style to the ultimate dimension by utilizing a picture gallery extension. A gallery add-on will not just allow you to show photographs in a visually appealing manner, but this will additionally ensure that all of your pictures are effectively formatted.

A image gallery is perhaps far more valuable when a photo is good enough to justify a million words. However, no matter how much text your photographs include, they will be meaningless if you do not really show them in a manner that attracts your viewers and clients.

We’re reviewing the finest image viewer add-on in this article. As a result, you will be ready to arrange your task in order to captivate your viewers and convert them into potential buyers.

How to Select a Gallery Plugin?

has a gallery option by default; however, this misses the features that most users want. Here are a couple of factors to consider while selecting a gallery addon.


Obviously, you must select a photo plugin that has all of the functions you require. Some plugins have a plethora of unique functions, whilst others let you to extend the main features by installing required addons.

Generally, before purchasing any gallery plugin, consider the options it offers and question yourself if this will satisfy your demands.


It’s fantastic to have a feature-filled addon; however, you also need to select the proper  image gallery tool that fits your business and is simple to manage. A bloated picture album plugin might make your customer interface unorganized, while a simple plugin saves your time when organizing your collections.

9 Excellent Photo Gallery Extensions for

Galleries are beneficial for everybody, from amateur writers to expert photographers; thus, there are lots of wonderful complimentary gallery extensions to choose from. In this article, we have compiled a list of several best alternatives, all of those offer a free trial version.

Some are simply designed to make it simple to establish an attractive gallery, but others are quite sophisticated solutions with specific tools for shooters or other graphic artists. You must be ready to locate a terrific choice no matter whatever you’re searching for.

Let’s just get directly to the addons…


Modula seems to be a famous  gallery plugin that makes it simple to highlight your artwork. Its primary goal is to create grid galleries that seem professional. Another of the best features is the genuine drag-and-drop grids builder, which allows you to modify every aspect of your grids. When you want a more free and easy technique, you can simply let the add-on construct the grids for you.

Apparently, there is a Professional version with video capabilities, gallery effects, deep-linking, adjusters, and other features. Basically, it is a fantastic place to begin if you really want a sophisticated but still straightforward method to make appealing picture galleries.

NextGEN Gallery:

NextGEN Gallery seems to be a high-performance picture gallery plugin designed for photographers and other creative professions.

It’s not the solution for you when you are a novice user trying to quickly make a few nice-looking albums. However, when you’re a shooter who wants to handle thousands or millions of photographs and maybe trade or deal with customers, this Gallery has been one of your best choices. It is an image optimizer plugin.

Some of the high-end features provided by NextGEN Gallery are:

  • Separate gallery administration section from Video Collection that lets you to add files through FTP.
  • Connection with Adobe Lightroom.
  • Client proofing is a useful feature.
  • Established eCommerce functionality allows you to sell electronic or physical copies.
  • Print fulfillment is automated thanks to a partnership with White House Custom Color.

Envira Gallery:

Envira Gallery is yet another excellent picture gallery addon that has a slew of essential features. Apart from the drag-and-drop constructor, the picture gallery plugin’s library of readymade designs removes the guesswork out of constructing visually appealing galleries. Simply select a template, upload your photographs, change the style, and post the collection in minutes!

Envira Gallery’s integrated WooCommerce connection allows anyone to market their photographs directly from their website. As a result, instead of merely finding customers for your business, you can also sell your product to optimize your revenues.

Photo Gallery by 10Web

What Is the  Admin Dashboard? (Overview and Tips)

Photo Gallery by 10Web is indeed a fantastic alternative if you’re seeking a collection plugin that gives you the controls for better personalization with a simple click. Select from 10 professional gallery styles plus 15 lightbox transitioning effects to build visually appealing and flexible galleries which will entice your potential clients.

You may tag photographs to make it easier for others to discover the relevant image across several galleries. You can then add that into your column or utilize the slideshow as well as gallery plugins to exhibit your work.

This picture gallery extension also optimizes freshly submitted or existing photos in your multimedia folder automatically. Select from a variety of image compression algorithms to guarantee that the photographs in your collections load quickly.

Gmedia Photo Gallery

The Gmedia Photo Gallery helps you to select from 10plus pre-made layouts, allowing you to focus on uploading photographs and posting your collection. You may also store the gallery options as module defaults to speed up the creation of grid galleries.

Every gallery created with this extension seems to be mobile-friendly as well as flexible. This way, users can be confident that the photographs will appear fantastic on any screen.


Jetpack has basic and professional themes tailored to your job if you’re a shooter, designer, or something else. In this manner, you can build uniform branding around your website.

If you save your material within Google Photos, you may link it with the extension to handle your media assets from Google Photos.


FooGallery is one of the most visually appealing pictures gallery extensions in this collection. The premium edition includes 9 beautiful gallery layouts to let you design your photo gallery straight away. You may arrange your multiple galleries by tags as well as categories to make it much easier for others to discover details.

This helps you accomplish multi-level filtration within the frontend, which is perhaps the plugin’s finest feature. People may see the material in several tags or categories by simply clicking on boxes in your collection that represent them.

Everest Gallery

Everest Gallery may have the most gallery styles and hover animations to pick from. This lets you blend as well as match the ideal design and animations for the information within your gallery, allowing you to wow your audience with your representation. There are already pre-designed themes for filtering as well as paginations to assist you in building your collections without having to write a single piece of code.

WP Photo Album Plus

WP Photo Album Plus is yet another excellent picture gallery extension that allows you to present your photographs or clips in albums as well as presentations rather than image collections. With this plugin, you have complete power over the screen sizes, hyperlinks from any picture type, plus metadata like EXIF, IPTC, or others.

You may allow people to contribute items to the collection and remark on current ones, which you can censor before posting. You may also create a ranking system so that visitors can score the photographs from excellent to worst.


As is typically the situation, that there’s no specific ideal gallery plugin that is suitable for everyone — it is all based on your requirements and budget.

Yet, here is a suggestion,

When you’re an “average” person looking for a simple but versatile solution to build some fantastic-looking galleries, we suggest starting with Modula. The galleries look beautiful and unique; however, it also offers refined capabilities if you require them.