TigrenPWA Theme: Best Premium Magento PWA Theme

tigrenpwa theme for magento

Progressive Web App theme is becoming increasingly popular among Magento merchants who have a desire to integrate cutting-edge PWA technology for their website. However, among plenty of searching results, choosing a suitable Magento PWA Theme is especially challenging. After a lot of effort, we have found a powerful PWA template for Magento that is highly recommended by top e-commerce businesses. That is TigrenPWA Theme – a highly-rated solution.

As a merchant, you might wonder whether it is reliable to choose Tigren’s PWA Theme. Or what makes this theme different from others? All these questions will be clarified in this article. We will show you a detailed picture of the TigrenPWA theme by analyzing its advantages and disadvantages.

Tigren’s Magento PWA Theme Demo: https://demo.tigrenpwa.com/

What Is PWA & PWA Theme?

Progressive Web App is an emerging trending technology for any website nowadays to optimize users’ experience and boost customers satisfactions.

Generally, PWA is a mixture between a website and a native app to bring an app-like experience to website users.

At the same time, PWA Theme is now by far the most popular way to convert Magento websites to fully – functioned Progressive Web Apps.

So, the question is what is the difference between a normal Magento theme and a PWA theme?

A normal Magento 2 theme only focuses on changing the frontend design of the website. However, for PWA themes, that is only a part. The most important thing is to integrate the PWA features into Magento websites after installing the theme.

In detail, a Progressive Web App template makes Magento’s website structure change. The PWA storefront will replace the original Magento frontend and be connected to the Magento backend through the APIs.

TigrenPWA Theme – A Superior Solution For Your Magento Websites

tigren magento pwa theme

What are the strengths?

Strong capability

Flawless Magento 2 features

Built with Magento 2 PWA Studio, Tigren’s Magento PWA theme is fully compatible with Magento 2.3.x. Therefore, you will find no difficulty managing your new advanced store after converting the website to Magento Progressive Web App.

  • Shipping
  • Payment
  • Checkout
  • Customer account
  • Order management
  • Promotion & pricing
  • Product browsing
  • Catalog browsing
  • Catalog management
  • SEO basics

Full Progressive Web App functions

PWA Template by Tigren also contains all the dominant features of a Magento Progressive Web App:

  • App-like experience
  • Offline mode
  • Push notifications
  • Fully responsive design
  • Lighting page speed
  • Automated updates
  • Cross-platform
  • Low data usage
  • Secure Independence

Lots of built-in features

Making Magento stores differentiate and stand out from the competitors is always a desire of merchants. So those above-mentioned core features are undoubtedly not enough. As a result, TigrenPWA Theme is by far the most wonderful solution as it integrates diverse advanced features for your website.

  • Improved layered navigation
  • Banner Manager
  • Shop by brand
  • Product labels
  • Live chat
  • Mega Menu
  • Instagram Feed
  • Google Tag Manager and Analytics

In short conclusion, TigrenPWA Theme is built on top of Magento PWA Studio which integrates full PWA and advanced features. This leads to more reliable quality and higher compatibility for your Magento website. Then, among plenty of Progressive Web App Template providers, choosing TigrenPWA Theme is ultimately a brilliant decision.

Flexible customization

Additionally, PWA Template by Tigren also provides general configuration (to the header, footer, content blocks…) to help you optimize your Magento website and make it more professional.

It is a fact that when it comes to Magento 2 PWA development, there is no “one-size-fits-all solution”. You will certainly have your own design needs as well as different sets of utilities and features to satisfy your target audience.

So, in addition to providing powerful PWA Themes, Tigren also provides custom Magento PWA development services to give you the total freedom to create a unique PWA theme.

Free & fast installation

When choosing Magento PWA Templates of Tigren, it is professional Tigren’s developers who will install and make it work smoothly for your online shopping store.

In particular, the installation is completely free. In just a few hours, you will have a perfect Progressive Web App. Furthermore, Tigren also provides free 3-month support for those who purchase their theme.

Reasonable cost

There are many open-source Magento PWA themes on the market today. However, most of them have poor design and functionality.

So, if you use a free one, you will have to hire developers to do heavy customization on the theme. One thing for sure, the cost is never less than $5,000.

On the other hand, if you do not like using ready-made PWA themes and decide to build a custom PWA from scratch, the cost you must spend will not be less than $10,000.

This is the reason why $1,499 for buying the TigrenPWA theme is acceptable.

What are minus points?

Only 1 demo available

Currently, Tigren has only released one PWA template demo and promises to release five more storefront designs soon.

Only for Magento 2 website version 2.3.x onwards

Tigren’s Magento PWA Template is only compatible with Magento 2. If you have a Magento 1 website, you must migrate your website from Magento 1 to Magento 2 before applying this theme.

Only support some payment gateways

TigrenPWA theme only accepts few payment methods such as Paypal Express and Braintree. If you want to add other gateways, an extra fee is required. ­­­­

Choosing TigrenPWA Theme Will Not Let You Down

In conclusion, the Tigren Magento 2 PWA theme blends the power of a responsive website with the app-like experience, creating a powerful e-commerce website much faster. On the other hand, it also leads to a smoother and more engaging shopping experience than ever before.

There are both pros and cons while using TigrenPWA Theme. However, with the great benefits it brings to your Magento website, those minuses are completely insignificant.

Hence, choosing TigrenPWA Theme for your website is incredibly an intelligent choice. It is the right time to transfer your old e-commerce store to Magento 2 PWA using Tigren’s template.