A Week in San Diego on a $100,000 Salary

Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

Today: a nurse practitioner who makes $100,000

Occupation: nurse practitioner

Age: 38

Location: San Diego, CA

Salary: $100,000 (approx. $3,846 per pay period)

Day One


By day, I work as a nurse practitioner for a family medicine practice. By night, though, I’ve been building a small company that focuses on vegan nutrition supplements. I’ve always had a passion for wellness that just isn’t satisfied by the conventional medical field. So, crafting private label supplements offered the outlet I need! As the business grows, I’m delighted by each capsule that gets filled with all-natural powder ingredients.

Today, I stop by the drug store to do a bit of market research into related supplement products. By trying supplements from our competitors’ product lines and studying their pricing, label designs, and unique brand attributes, I can learn how to better make our health products stand out. Plus, trying some new vitamins won’t hurt!

Total: $51

Day Two


After the workday, I’m diving into my side hustle once more. Whether you know it or not, entrepreneurs have to do a whole lot more than come up with your upfront business idea and get the proper certifications for your local government. Instead, you have to do everything from understanding your buyers to learning how to monetize Facebook page and other social media platforms. The latter is my goal for this evening—I’m trying to take our business page to the next level! I‘ve decided to set up some in-stream video ads, in this particular case. I also order dinner in, which happens more often than not since I spend all my downtime working on my business.

Total: $67

Day Three


Today, I’m feeling especially grateful for the private label process we use to produce dietary supplements through my company. I can’t even imagine storing even more supplies in my little house! As it is, I’m using my day off to try to organize the clutter that’s accumulated lately. My pup, M., doesn’t know what’s happening! I run to the store to get some extra bins and other supplies as well as some dinner—the in-store cafe is a god-send!

Total: $83.50

Day Four


On my way home from work this evening, I spotted an exciting email in my inbox—our new mock-ups for labels are in! As soon as I get home, I pull them up on my laptop for a look on the bigger screen. They’re beautiful! I keep that page up on the side of my screen while I pay a few bills. I just can’t stop looking at these designs and smiling!

Total: $419

Day Five


Our annual sales are nothing to celebrate just yet but we’re making progress every day. Like today: Our gluten-free supplements sold out of a local shop that’s kind enough to stock them! Someday, I hope we’ll be earning enough that I can work on our supplements full-time. For now, though, I’m working at the practice during the day and, of course, keeping my focus on the tasks at hand.

Total: $0

Day Six