Flying Restaurant for The 1st Time in Mega Mall New Capital

Flying Restaurant for The 1st Time in Mega Mall New Capital

The modern and civilized design of Mega Mall New Capital gave it a special and unique view. It was developed by Pyramids Developments which has more than 37 years of experience in this field. This isn’t their first project in the New Capital as they made several projects such as Pyramids Business Tower, Grand Square Mall and La Capitale Compound.

Here in this article, we will mention the most important elements about Mega Mall such as its location, design and prices of the units.

Mega Mall is the most attractive mall within the New Capital because of its fabulous and civilized design beside the landscape and green areas which surround the mall from all sides. There are different cultures that are reflected on the internal design of Mega Mall such as Islamic, Indian, Pharos and western cultures. It is an integrated building as it contains commercial, administrative medical and hotel units.

Mega Mall is located in the entrance of The New Capital which made it surrounded by a lot of famous places within The New Capital like Taj Tower, Diwan Mall, Almasa Hotel, Compound La Vista, The Green River, Al-Fatah Al-Aleem Mosque and the touristic city.

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Mega Mall Services and Facilities

  • Light Museum for art shows especially in festivals and occasions.
  • Hologram show with a huge stage for more fun.
  • The mall work with clean solar energy and smart control for light and heat.
  • There are a lot of elevators and escalators for easier transportations within the building.
  • Mall Mega contain a big Aquarium for entertainment shows.
  • There is a flying restaurant for the first time in Egypt.
  • You can make your shopping through the new Meta Technique.
  • There is also a secure and funny kids’ area for children.
  • There are a lot of electricity generators to keep the frequency of work uninterrupted.

Mega Mall Prices Vary as Per the Following

  • The commercial units’ prices start from 110,000 EGP per square meter.
  • Mega Mall prices for the administrative units start from 40,000 EGP per m2.

Buying Methods in Mega Mall

  • You can pay 5% from the unit’s cost as a down payment, then 5% after 3 months and the rest can be paid over 8 years in installments.
  • Also, you can have 16% ROI after paying 40% as a down payment and the rest can be paid over 8 years.
  • There is another system to pay 30% as a down payment from Mega Mall New Capital total price and have 12% ROI, and the rest of the amount can be paid over 8 years.