How Video Content Marketing Can Improve SEO

How Video Content Marketing Can Improve SEO

In the era where Search Engine Optimization is all the rage, all brands and websites are looking to capitalize on the rewards of creating engaging content that makes a real difference in conversion rates.

One of the most powerful tools that have emerged recently to aid with SEO is Videos. With Videos, you have an extremely effective form of content that can be made relatively easily and do wonders for your traffic and conversions.

Many businesses have turned to Videos already for their vital role to play in the digital and social media marketing revolution. It turns out, the very same logic applies to websites, where they can engage with people on a larger scale and increase the rankings of the website.

In this digital age, SEO is one of the best ways for businesses to reach their target audience. Keywords, hyperlinking, and other such strategies are tried and tested methods to achieve this, but the effect of video is lesser known-though just as important.

To help you capitalize on the power of digital marketing, let’s look at exactly how video content has gone on to play such an important role in the realm of Search Engine optimized marketing.

What Makes Video So Effective?

The statistics have always been there, but let’s look at some of the reasons why video has emerged as such an important form of content expression.

Videos Are Concise

Video content is the most efficient way of communicating to many people, as it can often contain thousands of words of content in just a few minutes. In our fast-growing world of technology, which has ironically reduced our attention spans, marketers often have just a few seconds to impress their audience. So, what better way to do this than through videos that are comprehensive enough to leave a mark on the audience yet brief enough not to bore them. After all, would you rather read a 2000-page article or watch a few minutes of video.

Videos are also a lot more engaging in the way it delivers their most important information, which makes them a lot more likely to stick with the audience in this form. If the videos are kept concise, they won’t bore the viewer, which directly leads to them staying on your page the longer they are engaged. Therefore to make your work easy in creating compelling video content you can even use any video maker tool which is available online.

For SEO content, keep in mind to keep your videos to around 1-2 minutes long, and try your best not to make them cross the 5-minute mark.

Videos Share Powerful Stories

Simply packing your content with as much information as possible isn’t enough to boost SEO. Otherwise, we’d be seeing PowerPoint slides everywhere. Videos work best when they’re paired together with some effective storytelling brought together with the information.

A good video can tell a good story to the viewers that they’re sure to carry with them in their memories. As per the video marketing statistics, more than 80% of people claim to remember some video ad(s) over the last month or so, and more than half of them followed up on this ad, which leaves no dispute as to its effectiveness. By bringing an element of human emotion into the world of business, you can give yourself an indisputable advantage in the market and bring a lot more attention to your brand.

Videos Are Great For Improving Website User Experience

UI/UX design is one of the most important parameters for judging the quality of a website. It is only with a clean, fun, and engaging user experience that a website can truly rank highly in search engine results and improve its marketing strategy.

Video content, it turns out, is one of the best ways to organically improve a user’s experience, and the numbers don’t lie either

  • Users tend to spend 88% more time on sites with video content on average.
  • Sites that feature videos are 45 times more likely to score higher on the SERP than those without.
  • People tend to recall over 95% of the content in videos.

5 Components of YouTube That Brands Need to Optimize

Through seamless integration, videos can communicate a series of entertaining visuals, sounds, and animation to improve user experience. They’re also easily consumed on mobile phones, which is where most of the viewers of such content are from.

With such strong positives to including video content on one’s website, its impact on SEO marketing is crucial.

Due to all these trends,

Google Is More Likely To Recommend Video Content

Google always prioritizes showcasing content that has great engagement. Since videos are essentially engagement generators in the form of content, they’re much more likely to be pushed by the algorithm.

The logic here is since people prefer watching videos, Google always prefers to display content directed to them that is included with videos. So you’re always guaranteed to get more engagement by organically adding videos to your content.

 How Good Videos Can Help Boost Serp Rankings

The impact of the video itself depends on the good it is at impacting the SERP rankings of the site. To help you leverage this, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when adding videos to your website.

  • Increasing The Click-Through Rate

People are a lot more likely to choose the results that have videos associated with them. Therefore, you can increase your click-through rate by letting people know that your webpage has this content.

Well-designed, attractive thumbnails can do wonders in helping with this.

  • Improving Backlink Profile

If you’re able to create videos that create enough of an impression for audiences to link it to others, it’ll greatly increase your rankings.

  • Keeping Viewers On Your Site For Longer

People are inclined to dwell on websites with videos for 6 times longer than ones without. After all, videos are undefeated in entertaining people.

Summing up,

Video marketing has turned into an enigmatic force of sorts, with its effectiveness being outright and its growth being unparalleled. It’s no wonder that the upsurging role of video content in the realm of SEO marketing, and digital marketing by large, only continues to grow.

For all the SEO marketers out there, they’re not just great inclusions for their content value. They also happen to be amazing ways to boost your website rankings if done properly, and their impact is increasing day by day.