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BITSAT is a computer-based admissions test for BITS Pilani’s Integrated First Degree Programs in Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad. BITSAT is less difficult than other national level exams. According to experts, it is a test in which time management and mental acuity are valued more than a thorough understanding of the subject. Aspirants can pass the exam if they have a fundamental comprehension of the concepts. There are a plethora of websites and applications that offer study materials for BITSAT preparation. Amongst those websites, the most reliable and convenient one is Doubtnut. Doubtnut is preferred by students all across the country and serves as a top notch resource for digital education.


Doubtnut is one of the most reliable online education platforms. The application is supported by both Android and iOs. Doubtnut serves as a one stop shop for all your academic needs. The website features a wide range of easy to understand study materials as well as regular live classes and video lessons. Additionally, it has a revolutionary feature that enables you to click a picture of any question or a problem and upload it to the website which will then provide you with a solution for it, instantly. These are the reasons why Doubtnut can prove to be a real asset in your preparation for BITSAT and help you achieve your academic goals without any form of discomfort. Unlike other apps and websites on the internet, Doubtnut is completely free.

Preparation Tips For BITSAT:

  • Read books from the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). There are a lot of applicants who neglect NCERT Books despite the clear prevalence of their questions in the exam. The book will assist you in resolving any and all doubts you may have about the concepts.
  • Time management is very crucial. The adage “Practice Makes Perfect” certainly applies to BITSAT. It is critical that you solve as many mock test papers as you can to increase your speed.
  • In a notebook, jot down all of the relevant formulas. Once a day, before going to bed, go over all of the formulas. Even the most insignificant formulas should not be overlooked. Many of the questions are formula-based. You will save a lot of time as a result of this and recall the formulas better during the exam.
  • The BITSAT’s English and Logical Reasoning portions are unique. Therefore, you should become acquainted with the format of the questions. This just necessitates a basic understanding of the material and does not require any particular preparation.
  • The BITSAT exam paper is not tougher than the JEE Main question paper. Concentrate on understanding the topics in all subjects rather than just the exam. You’ll be able to pass other exams in addition to the BITSAT in this manner.
  • Determine your advantages and disadvantages. Every day, try to enhance your grasp of weaker topics by revising them.
  • BITSAT will be a computer-based online test. During their preparation period, aspirants who are used to the pen-and-paper method should complete a large number of mock tests online.
  • Every day, set aside one hour to read newspapers. Out of the 150 questions on the BITSAT, 25 are dedicated to Logical Reasoning and English Proficiency. Neither of these two areas can be addressed by utilising conventional methods of study. Reading a good national English newspaper on a regular basis will be beneficial in answering those 25 questions. If you’ve been an avid reader since you were a child, this will be very easy for you.
  • Pay close attention to all of the topics:

Tips During the Examination:

  • If you can, take the last slot of the day. It’s a fallacy that earlier papers are simple.
  • Spending too much effort on tough questions is a waste of time. Skip the questions you struggle with and move on to the others.
  • Attempting the 12 bonus questions may be the only way to get higher than the maximum score on this exam. Only if you have completed all 150 questions may you tackle these additional questions. Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are addressed with four questions each out of a total of twelve. It’s a good idea to go over the 150 answers before moving on to the bonus questions. There’s no going back to the 150 questions you already answered once you’ve reached the bonus questions.
  • A component of the exam is dedicated to English language abilities. Students, in general, prefer to overlook preparations for this portion since they are preoccupied with other vital courses. Given the competition, performing well in English will help you achieve a high ranking.
  • Always keep an eye on the clock. Every 5 to 10 questions, check the timer on the online test and keep up with the pace.