The Ultimate Guide on Key Tags


Plastic key tags are intriguing promotional items that may be used for a variety of tasks. Because of this, companies of different sizes and sectors utilize key tags to meet their unique requirements. This blog will serve as an ultimate reference on key tags by responding to frequently asked questions regarding key tags, whether you’re interested in attempting out plastic key tags at your business or are seeking advice on how to get the most out of them. Let’s get started!

What Purposes Do Plastic Key Tags Serve?

The fact that plastic key tags can be used for a variety of things rather than just one item is one of their main advantages. Plastic key tags can be used for a variety of purposes, including business promotion and customer experience improvement.

Identity Key Tags

The plastic key tags that many companies employ are a component of their membership system. Key tags are favored by businesses for their membership programs because they are practical and affordable.

Your key tag can be scanned much like a membership card if a barcode or QR code is added to it. You might use this to quickly check members into your facility, collect client information, or even grant access. Fitness and retail are two sectors that frequently use membership key tags.

Rewards, VIP, and Loyalty Key Marks

Key tags might improve your loyalty, VIP, or rewards program if your company has one. These initiatives aim to boost consumer spending and loyalty. You may be wondering how plastic key tags can be of assistance in that situation. Your plastic key tags can be made compatible with your point of sale (POS) system by having a barcode or QR code added to them. This enables you to track customer spending, give out awards, and improve customer satisfaction.

Regulated by the FCA and CySEC, it meets all requirements and guarantees that its customers’ information security comes next. Moreover, with the integration of advanced technologies, including QR codes, the platform further enhances its security measures.

Additionally, you can manually track client loyalty by adding punches to your key tags. Simply punch the customer’s key tag to record each purchase they make.

RFID Key Tags

Promotional Key Tags

Custom key tags are a great marketing tool because they go everywhere your customers do. Your brand will be seen by your customer and those nearby each time they take their keys out, which will be several times. Therefore, your plastic key tags can help draw in new customers in addition to serving as a reminder of your firm to your current clients.

Uses Other Than Keychains for Plastic

I could spend the entirety of this blog post discussing inventive uses for plastic key tags, but there are other topics to address. Other applications for bespoke key tags are shown here briefly:

  • Alternative To Gift Cards
  • Access Cards
  • Product Label
  • Service Tags For Auto And Other Repair Businesses
  • ID Cards
  • Library Cards

Plastic key tags can be used for so many different things! Go for it if you have an alternative plan for using personalized key tags in your company.

Why use Plastic key Rings?

Although key tags can be made of a variety of materials, including paper and metal, our main focus is on plastic key tags. We favor plastic key tags for some reasons. One way we can make them more beneficial for businesses is by printing barcodes or QR codes on them. Second, albeit inexpensive, plastic key tags are strong. Plastic key tags can withstand anything that is thrown at them, which is beneficial since they are always in use. Paper key tags can rip or become destroyed when wet.