Things You Never Knew About Bearings

Things You Never Knew About Bearings

They Won a Bike Race

A few months after the linear bearing was first patented in France, James Moore took home first place in the world’s first bike race. This may be because of his superior skill, but most have attributed it to the new products that were put in place on his shiny new bicycle.

Bearings Were Bombed

During the Second World War, many countries that were bombing Germany began to target the bearing factories. Bearings were used for a variety of things that were considered necessary to winning the war, and manufacturers made a decent amount of money off of them. These were vital to Germany during the war, especially if they wanted to have a chance at winning. When the bearing factories were destroyed, it gave the other team an advantage.

They are All Around You

These products may not seem that interesting, but these little round products help make the world go around. They can easily be found in clocks, microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines and hundreds of other products. Even bar stools and office chairs use these products to help them function correctly. They are used to hold up the transmission in a car, and to make sure that many appliances work correctly. FROM linear ones to ball ones, they help make everything work like it should.

Used to Build the Pyramids

It is believed that these products were used to help transport the large blocks that were used to construct the ancient pyramids of Egypt. This one fact was pondered about by scientists for years as everyone wondered how the average man was able to get such large blocks to the structure, and then get them to the top of the building. The answer lies in the way that these products were used in ancient times, long before warehouses were shipping them all over the world.

Romans Had Them First

While knowing that Egypt used them is impressive, the Romans were using them first. One was found on a sunken ship years ago, and it has been dated to have been in existence since approximately 45 AD.

There are Hundreds of Different Types

For example, linear bearings are available in different sizes, and the linear ones are designed to allow motion in one direction. Unlike the linear bearing styles, there are also products that allow motion in a circular direction, specific designs that hold tons of weight and so on. Some linear bearings are made of metal while other linear ones are made of ceramic. There are literally hundreds of these types of products available, and they all have a certain design or feature that makes them different from the rest.

They are More Circular Than the Earth

If an individual were to take one of these circular products and expand it, it would be perfectly round. When compared to the Earth, this product would be more circular than our planet.

Whether learning about these for the next project, the first project or for school, the topic can be a bit dry at times. Remembering these interesting facts will give any individual both the break from dry material and the motivation needed to make it through more material in order to find the perfect product for their project.